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Make it easy for your customers to pay for your digital content using their mobile phone account.


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SMS messaging is the most versatile and fastest communication channel, reaching users anytime, anywhere.


Give a voice to your services.

Enable interactive voice commands into web or mobile service app to let your users communicate with context.

About Us

With an infrastructure focusing on speed and transactional security, we partner with mobile operators, aggregators and enterprise content service providers to give you high quality global mobile Messaging services and Voice, Payment solutions.

Geodrop is a registered trademark A-Tono.

Based in Milan, Pisa and Catania (Italy) and São Paulo (Brazil), A-Tono is accredited by the Italian Telecom Regulatory Authority as an operator and certified by GSMA.

Operators and aggregators:

Our outsourced managed Messaging service is your way to launch new, profitable A2P SMS services quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of our enterprise analysis and implementation services to get an in-depth understanding of your A2P market potential and maximize messaging income.

We help you evaluate traffic flows, eliminate unsolicited messaging traffic, and only allow billed SMS access to your network.

Whenever you need high quality connections for business critical traffic our SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is connected to all local mobile operators and major aggregators worldwide.

We offer you ensured, on-time delivery of business solutions such as banking traffic, flight services, and much more.

We can also help you with global sales of SMS capacity.

System integrators and developers:

Our cloud-based platform is based on geographically redundant clustered servers, offering your business high availability and unmatched scalability.

The API is built using an inside-out approach, meaning your developers always have the same power and tools available as we do.

With the enterprise mobile payment market measured in billions of Euros and growing fast, we give you the tools and the capacity you need to exploit this opportunity to the full.

Become one of the biggest players in our global economy and monetize your digital contents!

Please visit our API documentation site for more information:

Documentation sms-pay-books-api-and-sdk