Grow your revenues.

Geodrop’s Payment solution makes it easy for more than 2 billion consumers to pay for your digital contents from music, digital newspapers, video, games, applications and also services like voting, inbox, ticketing and parking, in seconds with just one SMS using their mobile phone account.

They even have the option to pay in only one click from their desktop, tablet and/or mobile device without giving any information.

The entire ordering and payment process is a seamless consumer experience so you do not lose customers and you get a higher conversion rate.

Paying with a mobile phone with Geodrop is so simple that your customers won’t hesitate to do the purchase. By offering daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions, you increase your revenues.

Choose simplicity: leave the complexity of dealing with different mobile operators, technologies, billing, payment and transaction management to Geodrop.

We help you to deploy compliant mobile Premium services with customized flows.
We also provide you with extensive Customer Support services, to facilitate service deployment.

Short Code

Short Code messaging allows you to charge mobile subscribers a Premium rate SMS amount. Users can text in to the short code and receive a return message which is commonly referred to as a Premium rate SMS message.

With Premium SMS you can operate:
• One-time (OnDemand/Pull) billing
• Recurring (Subscription/Push) billing

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you get the most out of your Premium SMS Services.
With Premium SMS you can take advantage of MSISDN detection.

MSISDN detection

With MSISDN detection you increase conversions by enabling an optimal payment process on mobile.

MSISDN Detection (a.k.a. "Enrichment") allows a mobile subscriber accessing a mobile website to pay with a single click. The mobile network operator passes the MSISDN (mobile number) through the web page headers meaning no details need to be entered by the end user, offering a quick and seamless payment experience.

Depending on the mobile network, we use either direct operator billing or Premium SMS billing technology to facilitate the transaction with MSISDN forwarding.


Once the mobile number has been detected and the subscriber has clicked that he/she agrees to pay, he/she is sent a billed receipt message.

The “single click” flow with MSISDN detection is enabled when a user is on the mobile web (WAP/3G/4G). When on wi-fi the user is asked to enter their mobile number.

Our “single click” mobile billing solution detects the user’s mobile number through MSISDN detection.

This then enables the customer to click or tap one button to pay.


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